Geospatial Inundation Data Archive

Catch the King and Year-Round Flood Events by Year

2014 Sea Level Rise App Data

2015 Sea Level Rise App Data

2016 Sea Level Rise App Data

2017 Sea Level Rise App Data

2018 Sea Level Rise App Data

2019 Sea Level Rise App Data

2020 Sea Level Rise App Data

2021 Sea Level Rise App Data

Attributions: Volunteers of 'Catch the King' Tide collected these data using the Sea Level Rise mobile application developed by Wetlands Watch and Concursive, Inc. Catch the King has been sponsored and supported by HRSD, AECOM, WHRO Public Media, The Virginian-Pilot, the Daily Press, WVEC News 13, and the CCRFR and orchestrated/managed by Qaren Jacklich and a dedicated team of tide captains. GPS Volunteer data were shared with VIMS for public dissemination via Concursive, Inc. and many volunteers directly.

Suggested citations for this viewer and these data:

Loftis, J.D., Mitchell, M., Schatt, D., Forrest, D.R., Wang, H.V., Mayfield, D., and Stiles, W.A. (2019). Validating an Operational Flood Forecast Model Using Citizen Science in Hampton Roads, VA, USA. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 7, 242. URL


Loftis, J.D., Mayfield, D., Forrest, D., and Stiles, W. 2018. A Geospatial Analysis of +50,000 Citizen-Science collected GPS Flood Extents and Street-Level Hydrodynamic Model Forecasts during the 2017 King Tide in Hampton Roads, VA. MTS/IEEE Oceans 2018 - Charleston, SC