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Donglai Gong

Assistant Professor

Email: [[gong]]
Phone: (804) 684-7529
Interests: Coastal and Polar Oceanography
Office/Lab: Andrews Hall 236/220
Department: Physical Sciences
Curriculum Vitae: {{https://wm1693.box.com/s/hrpijiwjjkj82h2qiz52,CV}}

Lab Website:


2001, B.S./B.A., Physics/Math, Rutgers University
2004, S.M., Physics, Massachusetts Instititute of Technology
2010, Ph.D., Oceanography, Rutgers University
Research Interests

My research focuses on improving our understanding of the physical processes that drive transport and mixing in coastal oceans at mid- and high latitudes.  These processes can affect the transfer and storage of heat, freshwater, nutrients, organic material and pollutants in coastal marine environment.  I mainly use an observational approach, employing a range of sampling platforms such as AUV/gliders, floats/drifters, satellites, HF-Radar, moorings, and ships. I am currently looking for a new graduate student to join my lab for the Fall of 2017.