Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Award

The VIMS Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Administrator Award honors a continuing record of excellence, a singular outstanding performance, or both.

The 2012 award goes to Jennifer Latour.Jennifer Latour

In four short years, Jennifer Latour has transformed the Office of Finance, establishing a structure that is clear and concise, enhancing transparency, fostering a culture of inclusion and, above all, ensuring exemplary fiscal management of the Institution. This is no small task given that Jennifer’s other “hat”, service as Chief Administrative Officer, requires knowledge of and attention to myriad arcane policies and procedures, dedication to detail, ability to effectively communicate with a highly diverse constituency and, yes, occasionally smoothing ruffled feathers. She does this and more with clarity, poise, and a great demeanor.

VIMS was indeed most fortunate to attract Jennifer back to our campus after she spent three years at the School of Education on main campus. She has done an amazing job here! Jennifer’s years of service give her a perspective on the Institute that enables her to be forward-looking, never getting hopelessly caught in the ways that things have always been done. Jennifer balances a very full calendar and it is clear that she has a big, very full plate; yet she manages to track and remember an incredible amount of information related to all aspects of the Institution from finances, to personnel to governance and to research, advisory services and education. Her quick thinking, attentiveness and tenacity are just a few of the skills that enable her to do such a great job at a great Institution.

Jennifer Latour is most deserving of this high level of recognition for her unselfish contributions to the VIMS mission, her long hours, her tireless efforts, her effectiveness, and her dedication to everything on that full plate.

Congratulations, Jennifer!