The Outstanding Employee awards are chosen by nominations received by the Awards Committee from all faculty, staff, and students at VIMS. They are awarded in the categories of Facilities/Safety/Trades, Research and Advisory Service, Technical Support, and Administrative Support.

This year, we are pleased to present the Outstanding Employee in Facilities/Safety/Trades to Dorothy Robinson.Dorothy Robinson (left) with VIMS Dean and Director Dr. John Wells (right).

Dorothy is a hardworking, dedicated, and reliable employee who maintains an amazingly positive attitude about her job and has a big smile and a friendly word for everyone she meets. Her work is impeccable and she pays attention to the smallest details when cleaning.

Everyone who comes in contact with Dorothy, especially her supervisors, notice her exceptional work ethic. When Housekeeping is short-staffed, Dorothy is more than willing to take on additional duties to get the job done, in her building or anywhere else on campus. She does this without hesitation or complaint and often without being asked.

Dorothy takes the time to get to know the people of the buildings she cleans, and her pleasant personality and workplace pride are invaluable assets to the VIMS community. She loves taking care of the office plants in many of the buildings all over campus and has resurrected a fair number from a certain end.

Dorothy has faced many adversities in life but always rises above and is a model of perseverance and dignity. Even in the face of personal tragedy, she comes to work and holds her head high, going above and beyond in her job performance. A nurturing and selfless person, Dorothy loves her children and especially her grandchildren.

Dorothy exemplifies the hard-working backbone of this Institution that keeps everything running smoothly and looking great. For this reason and all the others noted, Dorothy greatly deserves our deepest appreciation and recognition.

Congratulations, Dorothy!