Partner institutions recognize two advisory services staff

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     Carol Hopper Brill (R) receives the 2010 President’s Choice Award from MAMEA President Tami Lunsford.  Photo credit: Allison Besch, MAMEA
  • Lucy Award
    Lucy Award  Jon Lucy (L) accepts award from Jack Travelstead, Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Fisheries Management, for his work during a 16-year partnership with VMRC.  PHOTO CREDIT: Susanna Musick/VIMS
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This October, two members of VIMS' Advisory Services Department were recognized for commitment to their work by partner organizations. Dr. Carol Hopper Brill received the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association (MAMEA) 2010 President's Choice Award during the group's annual conference in Wilmington, NC on October 2. Jon Lucy was honored by VMRC for his 16 year partnership with the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program during a VMRC meeting in Newport News on October 26.

Carol Hopper Brill talks to elementary school students about marine life. Photo Credit: Christopher Petrone VIMS/VASG

Since 2007, Hopper Brill has served on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association, an organization dedicated to improving marine education. Hopper Brill served as a state representative and most recently completed the three year cycle as President. She has been credited with updating and clarifying MAMEA's procedures, standing rules, and by-laws. As a VIMS Advisory Services Educator, Hopper Brill works to improve marine and coastal literacy among students and teachers. She co-manages the annual Blue Crab Bowl high school marine science competition and the VIMS GK-12 PERFECT Program; she also runs teacher-training events with the rest of the Advisory Services education staff during the summers, in addition to other events and activities throughout the year.

Mr. Jon Lucy. PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Oesterlin/VIMS (2006)

Lucy's partnership with the VMRC and the Game Fish Tagging Program began in 1995 and continued through this summer when he retired after a more than 30-year career at VIMS as Marine Recreation Specialist. Lucy co-managed the Game Fish Tagging Program with VMRC’s Lewis Gillingham. In addition to his work with saltwater anglers, Lucy worked closely with Tidewater communities and was instrumental in organizing summer work boat races in Norfolk and Yorktown.