Freeman Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is named for Robert Mallory Freeman, a former VIMS Council member and supporter who passed away in 2004. Bob was chairman of Signet Bank in Richmond until 1996. He was active with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Virginia Environmental Endowment, among many other community leadership activities. At VIMS, Bob was interested in oyster restoration, advancing research with cutting-edge scientific equipment, and helping to leverage resources like VIMS research vessel Pelican.

The winner of Freeman Award for 2008 is  Jim Price.

James H. Price, III retired from McGuire Woods law firm in Richmond after an extensive career in civil-litigation practice. Mr. Price received his B.A. from Washington and Lee University, then served in the U.S. Air Force for four years, and is a graduate of the University of Richmond Law School.

Mr. Jim PriceIn the words of VIMS grad student Pat McGrath, “Some people feel retirement should be a time to rest; others find it’s a perfect time to help others in need.” Pat considers himself extremely lucky that Jim Price is the latter type of person and was suggested as a volunteer.

Pat was skeptical that someone who had just retired might be able to work 11 hours a day aboard a fishing vessel, but Pat needed help with the VIMS Gar Survey. The first day the two met at the boat ramp at 6 AM and fished until 5 PM. Pat was sure that Jim had had his fun, had found out what it’s like to be a “scientist for a day”, and was done with VIMS. Wrong.

Jim not only was excited about coming out again, he continued to volunteer his time throughout the summer and fall. Jim endured cold and hot days, downpours, and countless numbers of ornery catfish. On days he could not help, he apologized profusely and on his last day, he expressed interest in helping future graduate students. Jim did all this while also volunteering at a hospital helping veterans. A great person at heart and more than generous with his time and smile, Jim Price is awarded the 2008 Robert M. Freeman Volunteer of the Year Award. Jim is a volunteer who truly makes a difference!

Jim, please accept this certificate as our appreciation of your dedication, loyalty, and efficiency while volunteering at VIMS.