2004 Top Stories

VIMS researchers share Coastal America Spirit Award

VIMS researchers receive a prestigious national award for their efforts to help restore the Elizabeth River, a highly industrialized Chesapeake Bay that includes three "Superfund" sites.

Does giant blue crab set a new record?

Waterman Clarence "Juice" McKinney pulls a big surprise from the Potomac River—a male blue crab that spans almost a foot between the tips of its lateral spines.

Hale takes PBDE research to the air

VIMS professor collaborates with avian experts from around Chesapeake Bay to determine the exposure of osprey to a new class of flame-retardant compounds.

Isabel recovery in full swing

Facilities Director Joe Martinez reports progress as finfish aquaculture building, SAV greenhouse, sea turtle greenhouse, and seawater distribution system return to operation.

Hall-Bonner students selected

VIMS faculty help inaugurate a new scholarship program to increase the number of under-represented minority students earning Ph.D. degrees in marine and ocean sciences.