Mentor Award

The Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated mastery of the broad spectrum of activities associated with outstanding mentoring of graduate students in the School of Marine Science.

2022 VIMS Award winner Andrew Scheld with Dean & Director Derek Aday.The 2022 award goes to Andrew Scheld.

Since joining VIMS in 2014, Andrew has served as major advisor, co-major advisor or capstone advisor for 6 current or former graduate students, on the graduate advisory committee of 10 additional students, has advised three undergrads, and supervised a post-doctoral scientist.  His nomination was supported by letters from nine current and former VIMS students.  

Andrew’s teaching and mentoring spark creativity and challenge students to approach their research with new viewpoints and confidence.  Students admire his wide range of knowledge and willingness to work and learn with others outside of his field.  He has been described as a creative force, who encourages collaboration and leads by example.  One student noted, “He always has an open office door as well as an open mind for conversation.”  

Andrew’s advisees describe his mentoring style as highly supportive, invested, responsive, encouraging, reassuring, and inspiring.  He is known for his patience, approachability, and enthusiasm.  In support of his nomination, one former student wrote: “Andrew’s commitment to my graduate study during my tenure at VIMS was nothing short of remarkable. From quickly editing grant proposals and manuscripts, to helping set realistic goals and timelines for my dissertation, to making himself available to chat by phone or in person, Andrew was sensitive to my individual needs as a student and did everything he could to accommodate them.”  Another wrote, “I am truly grateful to Andrew. He genuinely cares for the wellbeing of his students, and I likely owe him my success in completing my PhD program.”   

For his thoughtful, inspirational and dedicated mentoring that prioritizes above all else the growth and success of students, we are very pleased to present Dr. Andrew Scheld with the School of Marine Science Excellence in Mentoring Award. 

Congratulations, Andrew!