Mentor Award

The Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated mastery of the broad spectrum of activities associated with outstanding mentoring of graduate students in the School of Marine Science.

Dr. Mary Fabrizio, winner of the 2021 Excellence in Mentoring Award, with Dr. Roger Mann (L) and Dean & Director Dr. Derek Aday.

The 2021 award goes to Mary Fabrizio.

Mary is a dedicated advisor with a passion for ensuring student success and wellbeing. She is also an incomparable role model with a profound curiosity for understanding the world of fishes, their roles in the ecosystem, and their importance to human livelihood.

Mary currently advises or co-advises 3 graduate students and a post-doctoral researcher and has served as major or co-major advisor for 10 graduate students, 3 undergraduates, and 2 high school students since arriving at VIMS. She also serves on 9 student committees and has previously served on the committees of 23 students.

Mary customizes her mentoring approach to the individual needs, interests, and goals of her students. Yet the hallmark of her mentoring is the same for all: a deep commitment to training and professional development. Mary has high expectations but remains positive and encouraging. She supports students in all stages of their endeavors, including research design, funding acquisition, research activities, and dissemination.

Mary Fabrizio

A testament to Mary’s excellence is the success of her past students and how well they speak of her even years later. Her students regularly receive awards for their research, and many still seek her advice, opinions, and guidance years after leaving VIMS. As a pioneering female in fisheries science, she serves as a role model to many aspiring young female scientists, be they students or new faculty members.

For cultivating the professional and personal growth of students for the past 18 years and for demonstrated proficiency in the wide range of activities associated with mentoring, we are very pleased to present Mary with this award.

Congratulations, Mary!