Excellence Award

The Excellence for VIMS Award recognizes a staff member who continually goes above and beyond their assigned job duties to better the institution. This individual’s contributions will likely not fit into another award category as their contributions transcend specific mission mandates.

Gina Burrell, winner of the 2021 Excellence for VIMS Award, with Dean & Director Dr. Derek Aday.

The winner of this year’s award is Gina Burrell.

Gina arrived at VIMS in 1980 and has been an invaluable asset to the Biological Sciences department for decades. She embodies someone who continually goes above and beyond their assigned job duties to better the institution. She really deserves a “Lifetime Achievement” award for all her many years of excellent service and dedication, and this award seems to fit perfectly.

As the Business Manager and now Financial Officer for Biological Sciences, Gina has demonstrated a level of dedication and support that can only come from a person sincerely committed to our mission. She has been instrumental in keeping the department running smoothly, particularly by helping students and keeping faculty on track with administrative and financial issues—especially those last-minute changes to proposal budgets! If there’s ever a question about organizational procedures, Gina would be the person to go to.

Gina Burrell

Gina truly goes above and beyond in keeping all Biological Sciences personnel informed about upcoming deadlines and administrative changes. She often works outside normal business hours, for example by sending evening emails when a timely response is needed. She never complains of extra work, but rather approaches her job with good humor and a positive attitude. The ways in which she has contributed to VIMS and made it a better place go far beyond just her administrative support.

Gina has been invaluable to Biological Sciences, a pleasure to work with, and has made VIMS a better place. She will be extremely hard to replace in her retirement.

Congratulations, Gina!