Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Researcher Award

VIMS' Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Researcher Award honors success in conducting original research, a record of scientific presentations and peer-reviewed publications, success in procuring grants, and service as a reviewer. The award also recognizes authorship of gray literature and grant reports, management of research programs, and service as an officer in scientific societies.

The 2018 PPFA Researcher Award goes to Dr. Grace Massey.

Dr. Grace Massey with friends.Grace Massey’s time at VIMS epitomizes the outstanding career path possible for employees who excel in research. While working full-time in positions spanning Laboratory Specialist to Research Scientist, Grace earned a VIMS Master’s Degree in 2000 and a VIMS Ph.D. in 2013. Today she is recognized as an international expert in observation and analysis of estuarine particles, a topic that is important to issues such as water clarity, salt-marsh survival, and channel maintenance.

Grace Massey (R) with VIMS Dean & Director John Wells following the VIMS Awards Ceremony. © C. Katella/VIMS.Since becoming Professional Faculty 7 years ago, Grace has been the lead PI on 9 external contracts totaling more than $500,000, and has authored 10 journal articles and book chapters. She has also published more than 50 data reports and other research products to the William & Mary ScholarWorks repository. During the last 7 years, Grace has mentored 13 undergraduates and served on 5 graduate advisory committees, and is now the co-major advisor of a VIMS Master’s Student.

As one student advisees aptly wrote in support of Grace’s nomination: “There is no challenge she is not up to; no question too big… I know I would not be where I am now without Grace. She is a great mentor and even better researcher.”

For all this and more, Grace is most deserving of the VIMS Outstanding PPF Researcher Award.