VIMS was all the buzz in 2018

Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science published 165 journal articles in 2018, on topics ranging from the thermal habitat of continental-shelf species to marsh vulnerability, the trophic geography of sharks, and the benefits of nutrient reductions in the Chesapeake Bay. Here are the 15 articles authored or co-authored by VIMS researchers that received the most "buzz" in 2018 as ranked by Altmetrics©, a company that monitors media attention based on mentions in traditional media, social media, community forums, and other online platforms. Altmetrics complements more traditional measures of scientific value such as advisory impact  and citations. Click the colored badge for a detailed look at the attention received by the following papers.

1. Projecting shifts in thermal habitat for 686 species on the North American continental shelf
2. Predicting marsh vulnerability to sea-level rise using Holocene relative sea-level data
3. A global perspective on the trophic geography of sharks
4. Long-term nutrient reductions lead to the unprecedented recovery of a temperate coastal region
5. The political biogeography of migratory marine predators
6. Future response of global coastal wetlands to sea-level rise
7. Migratory connectivity and philopatry of cownose rays Rhinoptera bonasus along the Atlantic coast, USA
8. Rising Temperatures, Molting Phenology, and Epizootic Shell Disease in the American Lobster
9. Intraspecific variation in feeding mechanics and bite force in durophagous stingrays
10. Latitude, temperature, and habitat complexity predict predation pressure in eelgrass beds across the Northern Hemisphere
11. Accuracy and Precision of Tidal Wetland Soil Carbon Mapping in the Conterminous United States
12. High growth potential and nitrogen removal performance of marine anammox bacteria in shrimp-aquaculture sediment
13. Are the Risks from Microplastics Truly Trivial?
14. The competing impacts of climate change and nutrient reductions on dissolved oxygen in Chesapeake Bay
15. Millennial soil retention of terrestrial organic matter deposited in the Bengal Fan

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