Guidelines for Using Email

General Principles for use of "vims-business" and "vims-misc"

These email addresses are provided as a mechanism to broadcast messages to members in the VIMS community in a timely manner. All persons holding a userid at the Institute are automatically included in the "vims-business" address. Participation in the "vims-misc" (miscellaneous) list is voluntary. The business list is used to contact everyone at VIMS with important announcements related to VIMS operation and business. The miscellaneous list is used for more casual announcements of upcoming events, lost-and-found items, personal items for sale, etc., that are not related to the business of the VIMS community.

The intent of the lists is to foster communication and discussion, disseminate information to all in a timely manner, and to reduce the use of paper copy. Users are therefore expected to be considerate of the rights of others, and ensure that their postings are of interest to everyone.


  • Postings should be related to VIMS/SMS business and of interest to all members of the Institute. Special interest postings should be sent to more specialized lists.
  • Messages should properly identify the originator. Use of another person's userid, or misrepresenting an originator is not allowed. Anonymous postings are not allowed.
  • Use of the list for commercial or political purposes, such as circulating advertising for products or for political candidats or causes, is not allowed.
  • Messages that harass or intimidate another person are not allowed.
  • Be considerate in your use of the list as it impacts shared system resources. Large messages, forwarded to everyone, put a load on cpu and disk resources.
  • Complaints should not be aired publicly on the lists, but instead resolved at the appropriate administrative level.Misuse of the email system is considered a serious offense.

  • Misuse of the email system is considered a serious offense.