Account Access

VIMS Accounts

All new faculty, staff, and students are required to go through a check-in process. Your unit's business manager will assist you and provide a check-in document that will define what access you will need at VIMS. During the check-in process, you will be introduced to the ITNS office to complete and sign a VIMS Computer Account Application. By signing this application, you are agreeing to abide by the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at VIMS Policy that is listed on the back of the form. Once you have signed the forms, ITNS will assign you a unique VIMSuserid and password.

The VIMSuserid will provide access to VIMS network services:

  • VIMS Domain
  • Departmental Shares
  • Printer Shares
  • Personal Space
  • Email
  • Web Services

Your userid and password provide you the access to network resources at VIMS. This information is confidential and should not be shared. It is your responsibility to keep this information secure.View our password tips for securing passwords.

W&M Accounts

All faculty, staff, and students will also be assigned a unique W&M Username and password. With very few exceptions, the W&M Username for new faculty, staff, and students is created automatically. Generally, IT services are accessed using the W&M Username; a summary of automatic and by request services is provided below.

In an instance where the W&M Username will not be created automatically, please use the W&M Username Request Form. A W&M Username will not be created automatically for:

  • volunteers
  • visiting professors who are not teaching
  • affiliated individuals who are not students, not employees, and not teaching

To activate your W&M Username or change your password, please visit To activate your account at this site, you will need your W&M Username and the randomized, temporary password you received in a secure mailer from IT.

For more information about the W&M Username, see our frequently asked questions. For assistance with accounts, please contact the Technology Support Center at 221-HELP or
The W&M Username will provide access to W&M network services:
  • myWM
  • W&M departmental shares
  • W&M email account