Microsoft Office 365 Email System

VIMS Webmail and Microsoft Apps

VIMS webmail has been in the cloud since 2020 as part of Microsoft's Office 365 Services ( as a means of connecting to your email account remotely using your web browser. The browser you use to access the service will affect the features you will be able to access.

Users of Internet Chrome, MS Edge, Explorer, Safari, or Firefox or can use the O365 web client which looks and feels, very similar to the installed Outlook application. Features include:

  • Auto-completion of previously used email names
  • New email appears in the inbox without having to refresh your browser
  • All address book features available including Global Access List (GAL), contacts and resources
  • Spell checker underlines misspelt words in the email view
  • Flags and categories can be assigned to mail, calendar, contacts, tasks
  • Improved calendar scheduling assistant
  • Day, work week, week and month view of your calendar

To Sign In:

1. Open your web browser and go to:

2, Use your full VIMS email address as the account name (ie. and VIMS password.

3. If you are off VIMS campus you will be sent to a Duo page requiring authentication by smartphone in order to complete the authentication to O365.