Office of Finance


The Office of Finance provides the primary support to the Institute regarding financial planning and analysis of Education and General, Private, and Local Funds. The Office provides leadership in identifying, obtaining, and allocating the resources needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the Institute. The Office also ensures the Institute complies with William and Mary and Commonwealth of Virginia policies and procedures.


The Office of Finance provides assistance to the Institute in establishing, maintaining, and overseeing the budgets. We strive to perfect a balance between the Institute's mission and the resources available.

Services Available 
  • Finance & Budget Management
    VIMS is thankful for the critical work of members of all the committees within the institution.  Should a committee have an approved budget from which resources may be spent to further its purpose, the steps below can be followed to access those resources:
    1. If you are not sure if there is an approved budget, please contact [[v|blb,Betty Barrack]], and obtain an index number, if applicable.
    2. Once it has been determined that there is a budget, please email [[v|cjbirch,Carol Birch]]  with the following information:
      • Type of purchase
      • Suggested vendor
      • Amount of purchase
      • Index number
      • Business related purpose
    3. Carol will follow through with the purchase and provide updates on the status.
    4. If the type of purchase requires involvement of others, Carol will also provide guidance and instructions on next steps.
  • General Administration
  • Capital Outlay Management