Phased Expansion: Effective June 12, 2020

Visit our Phased Expansion page for detailed regulations and recommendations. To submit a question concerning our Phased Expansion or other COVID-related topics, email [[v|EMT]].

What is required for the submission of the Lab Plan(s)?

The plan for Phased Expansion of VIMS Operations requires that "Each laboratory group and VIMS Center with research components must develop a written set of procedures that clearly spells out how it will meet or exceed the guidelines listed below. The plans should include activities by all individuals, including students, using a lab. The conduct of field work must also be covered in these plans with a time horizon to the end of the calendar year. These plans must be submitted to the [[v|luck,Associate Dean of Research and Advisory Services]], and be easily accessible to all members of the lab group."

To clarify:

The purpose of the lab plan(s) is to provide the members of your research group with a clearly enumerated set of protocols they will need to adhere to within your lab(s). For instance, if your lab is frequently used by 2 or more people, you will need to create and share a plan that controls scheduling to reduce the number of lab occupants, or that describes other steps to achieve the required distancing. The plan will also provide the Administration with a written record of the protocols that you will implement in your lab to meet the guidelines in the Phased Expansion of On-Campus Activity.

We are not looking for long, highly detailed guidelines. You should think of this as a list of the protocols that you and your lab group will follow so that all lab users will have those rules in one place. Please do not simply use “in accordance with VIMS guidelines.” Please do include the names of the people that will be working in particular spaces.

Should I continue to work from home or return to the office?
We encourage VIMS employees to continue teleworking through the summer if their work can be done remotely. Continued telework is particularly encouraged for employees who are vulnerable. Employees should consult with their supervisors for continued teleworking approvals. Supervisors shall be flexible.
Are there any plans for staggered schedules or for minimizing workplace density?
Yes. Guidance is provided under the Research section for reducing density and maintaining distance within laboratories and shared offices. Signage will be posted of new "maximum occupancy" limits in classrooms, conference rooms, and other meeting spaces. The occupancy values reflect 6-foot distancing and other considerations to reduce density.