Why Support VIMS?

Giving to VIMS and the VIMS Foundation

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) leads the nation in coastal and estuarine research, education, and advisory service. The results of VIMS research benefits people in Virginia, the nation, and the world. Science knows no borders.

In order to attract and retain the best and most productive faculty and students, VIMS must maintain competitive salaries and stipends, as well as cutting-edge facilities and scientific equipment.

However, the state of Virginia now funds less than half the VIMS budget. The remainder comes from sponsored research grants and private giving. Given the realities of state and federal funding today, VIMS is ever more dependent on building private support.

The margin of excellence for VIMS and the School of Marine Science depends in large part on the generosity of our donors. Their support plays a vital role in helping VIMS researchers identify problems and create solutions to issues that affect people’s everyday lives.

Private giving also helps VIMS nurture the talented young scientists needed to address the pressing issues facing our environment. VIMS graduates go on to careers in academia, business, and state and federal agencies, where they provide fundamental knowledge and help craft public policies to sustainably manage our marine resources.

The VIMS Foundation

Donors may give directly to VIMS or through the VIMS Foundation. The VIMS Foundation was established in 2000 to provide a vehicle to encourage private giving and to build endowments to support students, faculty, and critical infrastructure needs. In addition to restricted endowments for fellowships, professorships, or programs, VIMS also needs unrestricted annual gifts to provide flexibility in acquiring equipment, initiating new programs, and supporting basic institutional needs. While still a fledgling foundation, we are now supporting 10 students through new fellowship endowments, yet the need is great to support many more.