Featured Programs @ VIMS

Summer camps engage kids

A private gift to VIMS funds summer camps that provide fun, hands-on experiences in the field and lab to elementary and middle school students from in and around Gloucester County.

Eel program tracks slippery prey

The American Eel Survey at VIMS monitors the migration of juvenile eels to provide the first consistent picture of the eels' coastwide population.

VIMS in Antarctica

VIMS research helps better understand, conserve, and manage the polar ecosystem—and to shed light on Virginia's climate-change future.

VIMS Shark Survey

The world's longest-running study of shark populations has focused global attention on shark declines and led to the first U.S. management plan for sharks.

Aquaculture center breeds new industry

The traditional means of harvesting Bay oysters is now undergoing a sea-change, as VIMS helps industry add the techniques of aquaculture to its repertoire.

Undergrads get a taste of marine research

Each summer, a group of bright young scientists gather at VIMS to conduct a 10-week research project as part of the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program.