Featured People @ VIMS

Alumna’s career inspired by experience in Peace Corps

It’s been nearly three decades since Dr. Susan Lowerre-Barbieri returned from serving with the United States Peace Corps, but the experiences gained during her time in Senegal, West Africa continue to influence her research today.

VIMS alumnus helps revolutionize algae farming

Dr. Sasha Tozzi has recently transitioned from studying microscopic marine plants to growing them, in an effort to transform farming to meet the needs of humanity’s soaring population.

Wolfgang K. Vogelbein
VIMS professor merges science and art

Wolfgang Vogelbein, a professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, has built a life on the parallels he draws between science and art—and his life-long search for the truth that lies within each discipline.

New faculty member explores heart of nitrogen cycle

To address one of the world’s big problems—nutrient pollution and its impacts on water quality—Dr. BK Song studies some of Earth’s smallest creatures, the bacteria and fungi that help power the global nitrogen cycle.

VIMS alumnae get high school students excited about science

Elizabeth Lerberg (M.S. ’05), Bethany Smith (M.S. ’08), and Stephanie Salisbury (M.S. ’12) share a determination to convey the value of science in their students’ lives and to lift the shroud of mystery that often surrounds the field.

Polar Opposites

VIMS professors Deborah Bronk and Deborah Steinberg share a first name and a passion for oceanography, but their research makes them polar opposites—literally.

Oil & Water

Alumni from the College of W&M's School of Marine Science at VIMS are taking a lead role in efforts to determine the causes and long-term effects of the BP oil spill.

Alum brings science to wind-power debate

VIMS alum Charles Natale is President & CEO of ESS Group, Inc., the lead environmental and engineering firm for the nation's first offshore wind-energy project.

Sturdivant wins student award

Biological Sciences grad student Kersey Sturdivant wins an award for Best Student Poster Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography.

VIMS remembers Hargis

During his 50-year career, Dr. William Hargis served VIMS as Director, Graduate Dean, research scientist, mentor, and friend.

VIMS: Birthplace of female presidents

Virginia is known as the birthplace of presidents, with a list that includes George, Thomas, and James. VIMS is now expanding that tradition with names not traditionally seen on a presidential roster: Deborah, Mary, and Linda.

VIMS alum brings fishes to the world

VIMS alumna Carole Baldwin (Ph.D. ’92) likes fish, whether they’re in the water, a museum collection, or a fry pan. Thankfully, her job at the Smithsonian allows her to pursue all three aspects of her lifelong interest in these finny creatures.

Two degrees of separation

VIMS'founder— Dr. Donald W. Davis—had a vision that continues to benefit the Commonwealth and its marine resources.

For Wilson, science is an art

Anyone who thinks that art and science don’t mix hasn’t met graduate student Stephanie Wilson, who has been combining the two fields since she was in high school.

Penguin POPs

Polar amplification of climate change is melting glaciers faster every year. Heidi Geisz wonders if glacial meltwater is releasing pesticide chemicals into penguin foraging areas.

VIMS remembers Loesch

During his 28-year career at VIMS, professor Joe Loesch contributed greatly to the understanding and management of Virginia's fisheries resources.