The Eastern Shore Laboratory maintains a fleet of vessels for the support of research and educational activities.  The ESL uses small, shallow-draft vessels that provide access to shallow-water habitats along the seaside and bayside of the Eastern Shore. In addition, there is a 25’ Parker that is used for near coastal work in the Atlantic Ocean.

Liability WaiverESL vessel fleet (P. Ross)

Individuals who are not employees or students of the College of William & Mary must complete the liability waiver before embarking on a vessel.


Vessel use, operator fees, and truck/trailering fees are charged at the rates indicated in the table below. Fuel will be charged at current cost.

To reserve a vessel, contact:
Sean Fate
Qty Vessel Capacity Daily Rental Operator Fee If trailered, mileage rate Truck Mileage Rate
3 24' Carolina Skiff 10+ operator $150


$0.25/mi $0.85/mi
2 27' Carolina skiff 15 + operator $175




1 30' Utility Contact ESL $250 $175 $0.25/mi $0.85/mi
1 25' Parker 6 + operator $250 $175 $0.25/mi $0.85/mi