VIMS Green Team

Reducing our impact on the planet

VIMS students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community have come together to address our impact on both the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the planet as a whole.

Our goals include the following:

  • address our local and global environmental impacts,
  • increase awareness and action on local and global environmental issues, and
  • assist VIMS and the greater community in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Currently, we are working to make our campus greener by using energy and water-conservation measures and green products, along with a host of other activities.  For more information on the Green Team, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Get involved with the Green Team and make a difference.  Get involved today!

Contact Us

For further information, contact us at:

Green Team
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
The College of William and Mary
Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062-1346, USA
Email: [[v|vims-green, Green Team]]