Moderators for Qualifying Exams & Defenses

Interim Guidelines for Moderators (pdf file, approved 3/18/2020)
Interim Guidelines for Exams and Defenses (pdf file, approved 3/18/2020)

COVID-19 Update (Excerpt from Dean/Director Aday's message, 9/8/2021):
Exams & Defenses: should be at the discretion of the student, advisor and committee members, but with a preference for in-person events. We have a campus that is almost entirely vaccinated, a mask requirement, and sufficiently large meeting spaces to allow distancing. Current evidence indicates that in-person meetings among vaccinated and masked attendees are safe, and students benefit from the professional development aspect of an in-person presentation and examination. However, this is not a mandate. Advisors and students should work together with individual committee members to determine whether to proceed in person, remotely, or as a hybrid event.

Biological Science
  • [[iris, Iris C. Anderson]]
  • [[songb, Bongkeun Song]]
Aquatic Health Science
  • [[munger, Michael A. Unger]]
  • [[jeff, Jeffrey D. Shields]]
Fisheries Science
  • [[ehilton, Eric J. Hilton]]
  • [[rmann, Roger L. Mann]]
Physical Science
  • [[kuehl, Steven A. Kuehl]]
  • [[shen, Jian Shen]]
  • [[linda, Linda C. Schaffner]], (Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Studies)
  • [[brush, Mark J. Brush]], (Chair, Academic Council Committee)

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