Moderators for Qualifying Exams & Defenses

Interim Guidelines for Moderators (pdf file, approved 3/18/2020)
Interim Guidelines for Exams and Defenses (pdf file, approved 3/18/2020)

COVID-19 Update

(Excerpt from Dean/Director Aday's message, 9/8/2021):

  • Exams & Defenses: should be at the discretion of the student, advisor and committee members, but with a preference for in-person events. We have a campus that is almost entirely vaccinated, a mask requirement, and sufficiently large meeting spaces to allow distancing. Current evidence indicates that in-person meetings among vaccinated and masked attendees are safe, and students benefit from the professional development aspect of an in-person presentation and examination. However, this is not a mandate. Advisors and students should work together with individual committee members to determine whether to proceed in person, remotely, or as a hybrid event.

Note for Defenses: There will be two different zoom links to share with the committee if anyone on the committee needs to participate remotely. The moderator is responsible for setting up the zoom meeting link for the committee (i.e., for exams and defenses). ITNS will continue to manage zoom webinar access for the public defense seminar presentation. The public zoom seminar link can be viewed in the interim guidelines, approved on 3/18/2020.

Biological Science
  • [[iris, Iris C. Anderson]]
  • [[songb, Bongkeun Song]]
Aquatic Health Science
  • [[munger, Michael A. Unger]]
  • [[jeff, Jeffrey D. Shields]]
Fisheries Science
  • [[ehilton, Eric J. Hilton]]
  • [[rmann, Roger L. Mann]]
Physical Science
  • [[kuehl, Steven A. Kuehl]]
  • [[shen, Jian Shen]]
  • [[linda, Linda C. Schaffner]], (Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Studies)
  • [[brush, Mark J. Brush]], (Chair, Academic Council Committee)

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