Academic Program, Teaching & Student-Related Information & Resources

The Office for Academic Affairs partners with faculty, other educators and staff to offer academic and student programs that support student learning and professional development, high academic standards, responsible conduct and student resilience within a framework of inclusive excellence. These resources are designed to assist you with your academic duties and to support your professional development. 

Quick Links: SMS Academic CalendarSMS Graduate Program Student HandbookW&M/SMS Graduate CatalogOffice for Academic Affairs

Table contains information and resources for faculty, organized by major topics.

These are quick links to the documents and websites that serve as the official repositories of W&M, VIMS and SMS policy (rules & regulations) for the academic program and students.  All faculty should be familiar with these important resources.  Information about how and when specific policies apply is provided in the other sections of this website.

W&M Community Expectations

In addition to the expectations VIMS faculty have set for graduate students, which can be accessed through the VIMS/SMS Student Policies, William & Mary has developed technical and behavioral standards for all current students. These standards provide a consistent objective framework to help guide conversations around behavior and community expectations inside and outside of the classroom.  Standards are provided in the following areas: Intellectual & Conceptual Skills, Time Management Skills, Attendance & Exam Policy, Communication Skills, Organizational Skills, Behavioral Skills, Academic Integrity (also see W&M Honor Code), and Residential Life (for students living on campus). Refer to the W&M Dean of Students Office website for details.


Quick links: Information for Prospective StudentsVIMS/SMS Admission Committee (intranet only)

Information for Prospective Students provides comprehensive information on the graduate program, application process, deadlines, financial aid and more for prospective students.  Contact the Office for Academic Affairs for information on how to highlight M.S. and Ph.D. Research & Funding Opportunities

The VIMS/SMS Admission Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Council. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to make recommendations concerning the admissibility of applicants to the graduate program in the School of Marine Science. 


For information on how to request funding for a course, student contingency funding or other academic program or student-related funding needs, contact Rachel Wheeler, Academic Affairs Finance & Program Administrator.


Quick link: VIMS/SMS Academic Council (intranet only)

The Academic Council (AC) is a representative body of the School of Marine Science Faculty and provides for the development, maintenance, and advancement of the academic and degrees programs.  The AC evaluates academic issues and formulates academic policy recommendations. 

Academic Program Administrators & Staff:

Siddhartha Mitra, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Jennifer Dahnke, M.Ed., Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Molly Mitchell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Professional M.A. Program Director

Christopher Hein, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Co-Director

Jennifer Hay, M.S., Registrar & Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Rachel Wheeler, Academic Affairs Finance & Program Administrator

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