Alumni in the Private Sector

Bieri, Jill
MS '92
Current Position: {{,Director of Virginia Coast Reserve, The Nature Conservancy}}
Advisor: {{, Dr. Ken Moore}}

Hedgepeth, Marvin
M.S. '75
Current Position: Teacher at Hampton Roads Academy
Advisor: Dr. Michael Bender

Leggett, Tommy
M.S. '80
Current Position: Owner of Chessie Seafood and Aqufarms
Advisor: Dr. Morris Roberts

Natale, Charles
MS '92
Current Position: President & CEO of ESS Group, Inc
VIMS Advisor(s): Dr. John Zeigler

Sorabella, Laurie Carroll
M.S. '02
Current Position: Founder of Oyster Reef Keepers of Virginia
VIMS Advisor(s): Drs. {{,Ken Moore}} and {{,Mark Luckenbach}}

Sumoski, Sarah
M.S. '12
Current Position: Recreation and Education Programs Manager for Paradise Creek Nature Park
Advisor: {{, Dr. Robert Orth}}

Tozzi, Sasha
Ph.D. '10
Current Position: Vice President of Strain Validation and Field Operations at Aurora Algae, Inc.
Advisor: {{, Walker Smith}}