Alumni in Government

Baldwin, Carole
Ph.D. '92
Current Position: Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
Advisors: {{, Jack Musick}} and Dave Johnson (Smithsonian)

Daniel, Louis
Ph.D. '95
Current Position: Director of North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
Advisor: {{, John A. Musick}}

Field, John
M.S. '91
Current Position: Executive Secretary for the Pacific Salmon Commission
Advisor: Dr. John Olney

Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan
Ph.D. '93
Current Position: Research Biologist at The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
VIMS Advisor: Dr. Mark Chittenden

Sallenger, Asbury (Abby)
Ph.D. 1975
Current Position: Research Oceanographer for the United States Geological Survey
VIMS Advisor: Dr. Robert Byrne

Walker, Shelby
Ph.D. '03
Current Position: Director of the Oregon Sea Grant College Program
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Dickhut