VIMS Alumni Profiles

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science has an enviable record of producing graduates who take on leading roles in academia, government, and the private sector. The selected profiles featured below give a taste of the rich diversity of career paths taken by master's and Ph.D. graduates from William & Mary's School of Marine Science at VIMS.

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Featured Alumni in Alphabetical Order

Baldwin, Carole
Ph.D. '92
Current Position: Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
Advisors: {{, Jack Musick}} and Dave Johnson (Smithsonian)

Bieri, Jill
M.S. '92
Current Position: {{,Director of Virginia Coast Reserve, The Nature Conservancy}}
Advisor: {{, Dr. Ken Moore}}

Boesch, Don
Ph.D. 1971
Current Position: President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
VIMS Advisor(s): Dr. Marvin Wass

Carroll Sorabella, Laurie
Master's 2002
Current Position: Founder of Oyster Reef Keepers of Virginia
VIMS Advisor(s): Drs. {{,Ken Moore}} and {{,Mark Luckenbach}}

Daniel, Louis
Ph.D. '95
Current Position: Director of North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
Advisor: {{, John A. Musick}}

Field, John
M.S. '91
Current Position: Executive Secretary for the Pacific Salmon Commission
Advisor: Dr. John Olney

France, Kristin
Ph.D. 2007
Current Position: Senior Conservation Scientist: The Nature Conservancy (New York)
VIMS Advisor(s): {{,Dr. Emmett Duffy}}

Hedgepath, Marvin
M.S. '75
Current Position: Teacher at Hampton Roads Academy
Advisor: Dr. Michael Bender

Leggett, Tommy
M.S. '80
Current Position: Owner of Chessie Seafood and Aqufarms
Advisor: Dr. Morris Roberts

Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan
Ph.D. 1993
Current Position: Research Biologist at The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
VIMS Advisor: Dr. Mark Chittenden

Tami Lunsford

Lunsford, Tami
M.S. '02
Current Position: Science Teacher at Newark Charter High School
Advisor: {{, Iris Anderson}}

Mitra, Dr. Siddhartha
Ph.D. '97
Current Position: Organic Geochemist, Professor at East Carolina University
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Dickhut

Natale, Charles
Master's 1982
Current Position: President & CEO of ESS Group, Inc
VIMS Advisor(s): Dr. John Zeigler

Raymond, Peter
Ph.D. '99
Current Position: Professor of Ecosystem Ecology at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Advisor : {{, Dr. Jim Bauer}}

Sallenger, Asbury (Abby)
Ph.D. 1975
Current Position: Research Oceanographer for the United States Geological Survey
VIMS Advisor: Dr. Robert Byrne

Sumoski, Sarah
M.S. '12
Current Position: Recreation and Education Programs Manager for Paradise Creek Nature Park
Advisor: {{, Dr. Robert Orth}}

Tozzi, Sasha
Ph.D. '10
Current Position: Vice President of Strain Validation and Field Operations at Aurora Algae, Inc.
Advisor: {{, Walker Smith}}

Walker, Shelby
Ph.D. '03
Current Position: Director of the Oregon Sea Grant College Program
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Dickhut