Summer Intern Program

2021 Important Dates and Stipend Information

In-Person vs. Virtual Program consideration

Like many of you, the hosts of the VIMS REU Program eagerly await summer 2021. While it is difficult to predict what the status of the pandemic will be at that point, we will run some version of our program during the summer of 2021. What that program will look like will, of course, vary depending on the situation nationally regarding the global pandemic. Our aim is to operate the program normally and in person if at all possible. However, if that is not possible, we will consider a spectrum of possibilities from this end member, all the way out to a 100% virtual model (as the program was run during the summer of 2020). The exact plan won't be determined until sometime closer to March 1, 2021, and we will do our best to keep applicants updated. 

Application Process
  • February 10, 2021 - all application materials must be received by this date
  • March 15, 2021- target date for notification of acceptance
  1. Approximately 15-20% of applicants may expect a telephone interview by the target date; if you do not hear from us by April 15 and you must decide on another offer, please contact us via  [[v|intern,e-mail]]. Students not offered a position will be notified by e-mail during early to mid-May.
  2. The following statement is from the NSF Ocean Science Program office and pertains to all Ocean Science funded REU sites: "All students who are offered a position at this REU Site have until March 15th or later to accept or reject the offer. Any student who is asked to accept or reject an offer prior to March 15th should contact the Division of Ocean Science's REU Program Director, Lisa Rom, at or 703-292-7709."
Summer Schedule

(tentative schedule, to be revised as additional information becomes available on campus housing)

  • May 30 (Sunday)—dormitory opens on the W&M campus, Williamsburg, VA (if in-person program is operating normally)
  • June 1 (Tuesday)—official program begins with 8:15 am meeting with TA at W&M dorm, followed by 10 am meeting with mentors in Andrews Hall, Room 326, VIMS campus, Gloucester Point
  • August 4 (Wednesday)—final presentations of summer research
  • August 5, 6 (Th, F)—complete final papers
  • August 6 (Friday)—final program ends
  • August 7 (Saturday)—depart for home; W&M dorms close at noon.

Students on quarter schedules may be accommodated if their quarters end too late to begin June 1st.

Stipends and Other Financial Support

Interns will receive:

  • a stipend of $5,800 for the 10-week program (plus a $400 food allowance),
  • housing in a dormitory on the W&M main campus, and
  • transportation between campuses.

In addition, most interns will receive partial to full travel costs to and from the program from their home or university. Please note: Travel arrangements must be made in conjunction with the REU program office, and interns will not be reimbursed for tickets they purchase without prior written permission of th Program Coordinator or Program Director.