Resource Management and Protection

In order to contribute to coastal stewardship at a variety of geographic and ecosystem scales, the CBNERR Stewardship program pursues a variety of approaches including:

  • Continual updating and implementation of Reserve component specific Natural Resource Management Plans (for the Reserve’s four components located along the York River Subestuary);
  • Developing in-house research, monitoring and restoration programs led by Reserve stewardship and senior staff that  address stewardship and resource management needs;
  • Encouraging and supporting research and monitoring by individual investigators or groups with emphasis on projects which address Reserve resource management strategies and priorities;
  • Clearly identifying public use sites and appropriate public activities at each Reserve component as well as monitoring and evaluating visitor use to minimize user conflicts and impacts to natural resources;
  • Supporting land conservation efforts through the development and implementation of a Reserve Boundary Protection and Land Acquisition Plan.

Resource management segments of CBNERRS Stewardship: