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Bridge DATA: Coral Snapshots - Using the same technology as the Conch Reef Expedition, VIMS scientists surveyed coral reefs in Bonaire in 2008. This classroom-ready Data Analysis Teaching Activity (DATA) from the Bridge website walks students through the process of quantifying digital images of coral reefs.

Bridge DATA: Coral Bleaching - Students explore four years of NOAA National Data Buoy Center sea surface temperature data from Puerto Rico to determine the risk of coral bleaching for the local species.

Bridge coral reef resources

NOAA coral reef education materials

Project SeaCAMEL - A 2007 Aquarius expedition , funded by the Living Oceans Foundation, where Conch Reef Expedition scientist Mark Patterson conducted a graduate level course from the habitat, in addition to conducting coral reef research. The site features six upper level lesson plans and extensive video from the expedition.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Bonaire 2008 - An expedition conducted by Mark Patterson and Noelle Relles where, using multiple kinds of AUVs, a team of scientists mapped the coral reefs around Bonaire. This was a follow up study to mapping that was done around the island decades ago. The site includes blog entries, video and photography, as well as related lesson plans.

Aquarius habitat lesson plans - This site features lesson plans that delve in to all of the different science aspects of the habitat, as well as scientific research that occurs around the habitat.

Bridge Ocean Observing System resources - With more and more systems coming online all the time, ocean observing systems provide real-time and archived aquatic and atmospheric data to scientists, emergency managers, the shipping industry, fishermen and students 24 hours a day. These systems allow scientists to continuously study the environment with less cost, error, and time away from their families.

Bridge Ocean Observing System primer - A brief introduction to the different components that make up ocean observing systems (pdf).

Bridge Facebook page - For all of your ocean science education social networking needs!