Foiled by the weather again!

Windblown trees

We woke up today ready to head out to the Life Support Buoy (LSB) of the Aquarius habitat and start mapping the surrounding reef with the Fetch-1 AUV and yours truly, but as I woke up and looked across the channel from our condo I could tell by the swaying trees that the weather report would not be in our favor.

Windy conditions and kickin' waves have led to a change in plans to relocate today's activities further inland, run some AUV tests and capture some AUV underwater action on video.  That's alright by me because it still means I get to get wet and try out my sea legs.  Mark and I will be on SCUBA and using a high definition video camera in an underwater housing to record Fetch's movement through the water in order to more accurately calculate Fetch's underwater swimming speed.

Flip video camera

All equipment, personnel and bots are to be on the boat and ready to go at 1200 hours.  I'm off to grab some lunch and take some Dramamine so I don't lose it, as a side note, I recommend the Less Drowsy formula while doing AUV ops and diving, stay tuned!