The Trek South - Day 2

We finally made it!

Twenty total hours of driving, many pit stops and over 1000 miles on the rental truck (and trailer!), but we have safely arrived at the Aquarius Land Base in Key Largo, FL.

After unloading all of our gear, Noelle, Sarina and I tackled the grocery buying at the local Publix, while Mark started prepping the AUVs and lab space for the expedition. We converged back on the living quarters with about $250 in groceries, which should last us a while, two pizzas, and a new dive log for Noelle, which she is very excited about! We whipped up a nice salad and our first meal in Key Largo was underway.

Mark installing the miniature video camera in Fetch1's noseconeSince finishing dinner, we've just been quietly going about our business setting up computers, composing gear and to-do lists, prepping the AUVs and checking in with loved ones. The excitement of getting on the water and down to business is palpable, and after a good night's sleep, some paperwork and a safety briefing, we'll be heading out into the Atlantic Ocean for AUV systems checks!

Talk to you soon! Good night.