The Trek South - Day 1


Hey everyone! I'm writing from Red Roof Inn in Jacksonville, FL.

We logged 12 hours in the truck today, with about 7+ more tomorrow.

Final packing and preparations began around 8:15am behind Andrews Hall, one of VIMS' newest buildings. Suitcases and dive equipment were carefully and strategically packed around the two AUVs.

Can you find the two AUVs?
How about now?

Amongst other family members, two of our dogs came to say goodbye, my Jack Russell terrier, Halley, and Noelle's rat terrier, Mako. Despite really wanting to, we did not bring them with us!

After figuring our way over of a few hurdles, we finally pulled away from VIMS at around 9:15am and made our first stop just 6 minutes after departure. We had to make a brief, but important, stop about 1 mile north at Trailer World in Gloucester Point. Seems we were lacking a pin or lock that would keep the trailer lock in place. $3 and one pin later, we were set to go!

Our rig at Trailer World
The new hitch pin (in gold) complete with orange price tag

There was very little traffic, with only a few major slow downs here and there. The ride was pretty bumpy through South Carolina, which required some tricky maneuvering, but all in all, not too bad.

We arrived at our lodging for the evening around 9:15pm, checked in, unhitched the trailer and ran out for a nice relaxing dinner. While we are excited about getting to Key Largo and setting up shop, I think we are more excited to be out of the truck and about to get some sleep.

Night 1 lodging

More tomorrow, hopefully from the Keys!