Undergraduate Marine Science at W&M

Education, research, policy, and more!

William & Mary undergraduates can get involved in all aspects of marine science through a collaboration between the Arts & Sciences and the William & Mary's School of Marine Science at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Students complete coursework, conduct research, engage with policy, and can complete a Minor in Marine Science. In doing so, they are introduced to the global importance of marine ecosystems, their role in driving global biogeochemical cycles, and their significance to society in terms of food-source provision, climate regulation, industry, and culture. Students learn about the ocean's biodiversity, from microbes to whales; its varied habitats, from shallow intertidal coastal zones to the deepest oceans; and the complex physical, biological, and socioeconomic processes that shape marine ecosystems.

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Unsure of what you can do with marine science? Check out the What Can I Do With This Major? resource, provided through the W&M Cohen Career Center (available when on campus internet). Explore areas of study, potential employers, strategies for career advancement, and more!