Diversity & Inclusion

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science is to seek and broadly communicate knowledge in marine and coastal science to the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation and the world through research, education, and advisory service.

Our goals are to:

(1) make seminal advances in the understanding of marine and coastal systems through research and discovery;

(2) translate research findings into practical solutions to complex issues of societal importance; and

(3) provide new generations of researchers, educators, problem solvers, and managers with a marine-science education of unsurpassed quality.

Our success in achieving these institutional goals requires an open, diverse and inclusive environment, one that supports the growth and development of faculty, staff, students and administrators.

Principles of Community

Our mission and institutional goals are most effectively accomplished when every member of the VIMS community acknowledges and adheres to the following recently-adopted Principles of Community:

  • We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to maintaining excellence.
  • We recognize and appreciate the roles and contributions each member of the community brings to the success of VIMS.
  • We welcome, support, engage and celebrate the broad range of backgrounds and experiences in our community.
  • We affirm our individual and collective responsibility for creating and fostering a respectful, cooperative, inclusive and equitable campus environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.
  • We treat all members of the VIMS community, as well as collaborators, work groups, stakeholders and the public, with civility, respect, and courtesy.
  • We value honesty and integrity and are committed to lawful and ethical behavior.
  • We are personally responsible for our actions, how we treat others, and the way in which we do our jobs.