Moderators for Qualifying Exams & Defenses

Responsibilities of the Moderators (pdf file, revised Dec. 2016)

Biological Science
  • [[iris, Iris C. Anderson]]
  • [[moore, Kenneth A. Moore]]
  • [[jperry, James E. Perry, III]]
Aquatic Health Science
  • [[newman, Michael C. Newman]]
  • [[jeff, Jeffrey D. Shields]]
Fisheries Science
  • [[graves, John E. Graves]]
  • [[rmann, Roger L. Mann]]
Physical Science
  • [[bronk, Deborah A. Bronk]] - interim moderator until May 2017 while Canuel is on research leave
  • [[ecanuel, Elizabeth L. Canuel]] - on research leave from Sept 2016 - May 2017
  • [[kuehl, Steven A. Kuehl]]
  • [[shen, Jian Shen]]
  • [[linda, Linda C. Schaffner]], (Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Studies)
  • [[ckharris, Courtney K. Harris]], (Chair, Academic Council Committee)

Updated: March 29, 2017