Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Graduate Program Student Handbook

The Graduate Catalog contains the official academic policies of the School of Marine Science and over-arching policies of William & Mary.  The Handbook provides details of associated procedures and other information that is designed to help students understand and meet academic program and degree requirements.  All graduate program forms are available electronically. Note: You must be on the VIMS intranet to access the forms.

For any questions, contact the [[registrar, VIMS/SMS Registrar]].

Note: the next section is under construction (July 27, 2015)

Degree Requirements:

Milestones and associated timelines are based on your date of entry to SMS and your degree program.  The full list in the order of completion is given below, with links to further information.  You may also check your milestone status at any time.  login (intranet only)

Other Requirements - under construction (August 2015)