Blue Crabs: Top Stories

One crab, two crab, red crab, new crab

Chefs from across Hampton Roads visited the Virginia Institute of Marine Science last week for a daylong symposium designed to introduce a new player in the local seafood game—the red crab.

‘Ghost Pot’ removal program has successful year

Watermen haul up more than 10,000 derelict crab pots and fishing nets from Chesapeake Bay in the third year of Virginia’s one-of-a-kind Marine Debris Removal Program.

Blue crab population booms

VIMS winter dredge survey shows a 60% increase in Chesapeake Bay's blue crabs since last year, reaching the highest level measured since 1997.

‘Ghost Pot’ program benefits Bay and watermen

Virginia’s one-of-a-kind program to remove derelict crab traps yields data that will improve next year’s recovery effort and further reduce inadvertent trapping of Bay organisms.