Past Students



Nicole Marshall (MS)
Eric Miller (MS) Recent paleoseismicity record in Prince William Sound, Alaska USA
Lila Rose (PhD)
Cielomar Rodriguez (MS) Spatial and temporal patterns in erosion and deposition in the York River, Chesapeake Bay, VA
Lisa Addington (MS) Distinguishing sediment transport modes to the outer-shelf off the Waiapu River, New Zealand
Heidi Romine (MS) Use of Be-7 and Th-234 to trace turbidity maxima migration in the York River
Tara Kniskern (MS) Spatial and temporal variability of physical and biological mixing in the York River subestuary
David Heroy (MS) Sand- and Clay-Size Mineralogy of the Ganges Brahmaputra Rivers: Records of River Switching and Late-Quaternary Climate Change
Steven Goodbred (PhD) Sediment Dispersal and Sequence Development Along a Tectonically Active Margin: Late Quaternary Evolution of the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta
Tim Dellapena (PhD) Fine-Scale Strata Formation in Biologically and Physically Dominated Estuarine Systems within the Lower Chesapeake and York River Subestuary
Beth Levy (MA) High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy of the Ganges-Brahmaputra River System:  Subaqueous Deltaic Progradation on the Bengal Shelf
David Dukat (MS) Investigation of Non-Steady-State 210Pb Flux and the Use of 228Ra/226Ra as a Geochronological Tool on the Amazon Continental Shelf
Marilyn Segall (PhD) Modern, Fine‑Grained Continental Margin Sedimenta­tion As Revealed By Clay‑Size Mineralogy and Sedimentary Fabric
Ty Fuglseth (MS) Organic Carbon Preservation in Deep-Sea Environments: A Comparison Between the Sulu and South China Seas
Thomas Pacioni (MS) Temporal and Spatial Variability of Surface Mixed Layer Thickness on the Amazon Continental Shelf
Ellen Underkoffler (MS) Non‑Steady‑State Sedimentation on the Amazon Continental Shelf
Tina Hariu (MS) The Nature of Continental Shelf Sedimentation Seaward of the Ganges River System
Marc Sanford (MS) Modern Sedimentary Processes in the Wilmington Canyon Area, U.S. East Coast
Pat Dickudt (MS) Controls on erodibility in a partially mixed estuary, York River, Virginia
Annie Miller (MS)
Tara Kniskern (PhD) Spatial and temporal variability of physical and biological mixing