Expedition Photos

  • Dumbo Octopod
    Dumbo Octopod   A little dumbo octopod, Grimpoteuthis discoveryi, from an earlier tow.  
  • vecchione.jpg
  • Cartilaginous Shell
    Cartilaginous Shell   The cartilaginous shell dissected from inside the body of the big dumbo. Its fins attach to the “wings” of the shell so that the fin muscles can provide power for swimming.  
  • Big Dumbo
    Big Dumbo   The big dumbo ready for examination. The large dark, round objects are its eyes and between them is the tube-like funnel through which it jets water. The ruler is 4.5 in long.  
  • sant_dumbo.jpg
  • Bathysaurus
    Bathysaurus   Bathysaurus ferox, the world’s deepest-living predatory fish. Photo by Amy Heger.  
  • Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Mid-Atlantic Ridge   Track of the RV Bigelow along the parallel ridges that mark the path of the mid-Atlantic Ridge.  
  • Rat Tail
    Rat Tail   A Macrourid, or “rat tail” from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Photo by David Shale.  
  • cj_and_tracey.jpg
      CJ Sweetman (L) and Tracey Sutton prepare to sort the bottom trawl aboard the deck of the RV Bigelow.  
  • Rough Sort
    Rough Sort   Expedition scientists do a "rough sort" to separate different groups of organisms collected within the trawl net.   Photo by Mike Vecchione.
  • bottom_trawl1.jpg
      Bottom trawl gear.   Picture by David Shale.
  • Cod Ends
    Cod Ends   Tracey Sutton (L) and CJ Sweetman open the "cod ends" of the pelagic trawl.   Photo by Amy Heger.
  • Deep-sea Jellyfish
    Deep-sea Jellyfish   Jellyfish collected on the cruise include (from L): Halicreas minimum (clear with orange segments), the ever-common Periphylla periphylla (pointy red cap with a skirt medusa), and Atolla wyvellei (red and circular). These jellies make up a large percentage of the biomass in the deep sea.   Photo by Randy Singer.
  • Dealfish
    Dealfish   VIMS researchers Tracey Sutton (L) and CJ Sweetman (R) hold a 5-foot dealfish (Trachipterus arcticus). They collected the fish in a trawl net above the mid-Atlantic Ridge.  
  • Angler Fish
    Angler Fish   The angler fish Melanocetus murrayi. Photo by David Shale.  
  • Cockatoo Squid
    Cockatoo Squid   The cockatoo squid Teuthowenia megalops.  
  • Hatchet Fish
    Hatchet Fish   The hatchet fish Argyropelicus gigas. Photo by David Shale.  
  • Lancet Fish
    Lancet Fish   The lancet fish Alepisaurus brevirostris. Photo by David Shale.  
  • fig2.jpg
      A North Atlantic iceberg.  
  • fig3.jpg
      A high-latitude sunset.  
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