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New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research NIWA

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Partnership Established: 1998

Nature of the Partnership

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research have formalized a General Cooperation Intention to further cooperation in both education and research. The agreement provides for the exchange of data, documentation, and research materials in fields of mutual interest; the exchange of scholars, researchers, administrators, and students. The two institutes will also coordinate activities such as joint research, lectures, seminars, workshops and symposia.

Like VIMS, NIWA has a mandate to provide a scientific basis for the sustainable management of New Zealand's atmospheric, marine and freshwater systems and associated resources. Research at the institute falls into five main categories: Atmosphere and Climate, Freshwater, Coastal and Marine, Fisheries and Aquaculture and Fisheries Enhancement. Approximately 500 scientists and support personnel staff research campuses in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Lauder.

NIWA Research Director Dr. Rick Pridmore and Chief Executive Mr. Paul Hargreaves visited the VIMS campus in 1998 to discuss plans for joint work. VIMS Dean and Director Dr. L. Donelson Wright visited NIWA later that year. Dr. Malcolm Green from NIWA visited VIMS in 1999 to discuss possible collaborations and to present seminars on his work. Dr. Green received his Ph.D. from VIMS in 1987 and was also the first recipient of the Zeigler award for student achievement. Dr. Green is pictured with then VIMS Dean and Director Dr. Don Wright.

In 2001, NIWA, VIMS, and the University of East Anglea (UK) joined forces to predict cycles of coastal erosion along the New Zealand coast and how these cycles relate to international trends.