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Pickup Schedule


RealFood Williamsburg
Since ordering is now done online, please email the pickup person for that week, simply letting them know that you ordered.  For more information contact [[v|sbaer, Steven Baer]]

Unless otherwise noted, pickup will be from 5-7pm on Wednesdays at one of the following locations:

The Daily Grind, on the W&M campus, near the Sadler Center.


3: --

10: [[v|sbaer, Steven]]


24: Thanksgiving - probably no orders.


1: [[v|mawhal, Matt]]

8: [[v|jluek, Jenna L.]]

15: End of semester - no orders.

22: Christmas -  no orders.

29: New Year's -  no orders.


5: New Year's - no orders.

12: [[v|jeannak, Jeanna K.]]

19: [[v|eloose, Emily]]

26: [[v|gar, Gar]]


2: [[v|mawhal, Matt]]

9: [[v|jluek, Jenna L.]]

16: [[v|sbaer, Steven]]

23: [[v|rwright, Rebecca]]


2: [[v|jeannak, Jeanna K.]]

9: [[v|eloose, Emily]]

16: [[v|sbaer, Steven]]

23: [[v|gar, Gar]]

30: [[v|mawhal, Matt]]