Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Award

The VIMS Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Administrator Award honors a continuing record of excellence, a singular outstanding performance, or both.

The 2014 award goes to Ms. Lisa Lawrence.

As Marine Education Coordinator for Advisory Services, Lisa Lawrence plays an exceptional role in bringing marine science to educators and students around the country. Her knowledge, experience, and professionalism make her a great leader and communicator.

Lisa LawrenceLisa’s diverse role includes managing the Bridge, an award-winning website for ocean-science education that in 2013 alone reached more than a million users from 195 countries. She also supports websites for several other ocean-science enterprises, including the National Marine Educators Association. Her leadership has helped many scientists fulfill their broader-impact requirements, bringing VIMS’ scientific accomplishments to new audiences.

Lisa’s connections with teachers have established a tradition of successful workshops, including VIMS’ annual week-long coastal ecosystem field course. Since taking over coordination of the annual Chefs’ Seafood Symposium, she has established a rapport with the seafood-education community including students in the culinary arts. The Virginia Chefs Association credits Lisa with “[sparking] a lifetime of caring about Chesapeake Bay and our fragile marine environment.”

Lisa’s work has earned numerous accolades, including the President’s Award from the National Marine Educators Association and the Recreational Boating Access Award from Boat U.S.

Lisa’s service and dedication is unmatched. She does a brilliant job helping VIMS achieve its mission of advisory service by extending marine science education beyond the traditional walls of academia. Her can-do attitude has made many projects possible, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help. Her positive nature and warmth as an educator make her an asset to VIMS and an inspiration to students and educators of all ages. She is highly deserving of the Outstanding Professional Advisory Service Award.