The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining buildings and equipment through an on-going preventive and corrective maintenance program. In addition, the department provides various support services for building renovations.

Maintenance Requests

To Renovate Existing Spaces

Complete the VIMS Work Request Form to request installation or removal of laboratory equipment, changes to physical elements such as doors or cabinetry, lock changes or re-keying, new bookcases, relocation of bulletin boards, etc. Lock changes or re-keying must be approved by the department head prior to submitting the request. These types of requests are paid for by the requesting department. If the work is done with in-house staff (provided that resources are available) the labor is typically not charged to the requesting department. If outside contractors are required, the labor costs will be paid for by the requesting department. Materials costs are always paid for by the requesting department. Attach drawings, other supporting documentation as required to fully explain the work, and send it to in the Customer Service Center. Make sure to include an account number for billing.VIMS Maintenance Staff

Routine and Emergency Maintenance

Work requests for routine and emergency maintenance such as burned out light bulbs, burned out exit lights, faulty heating and air conditioning equipment, leaking pipes, leaking roof, loss of utility services (water, gas, electricity), plumbing problems, elevator malfunctions, broken windows, any unsafe condition, parking lot repairs, etc. are the responsibility of the facilities management department. To make a request:

  1. Send an e-mail to or
  2. Call the Maintenance Department at X7096 during normal business hours (7:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F), or
  3. In case of an after-hours emergency, call the Security Department at 694-7300.
Key or Access Cards

Key or Access Card requests (for Chesapeake Bay Hall, Andrews Hall, and the Seawater Research Laboratory)  are made by filling out the VIMS Key Request Form and sending it to in the Customer Service Center. Requests for keys and access cards must be approved by the department head prior to submitting the request. New students are typically assigned the General Key (which gets them into most of the buildings on campus) and the Watermen's Hall Key (which gets them into the Library and Computer Lab).


Painting requests are handled on a labor availability basis. Painting of rooms is typically accomplished concurrent with renovation projects; however unscheduled painting may be requested by the department head and will be scheduled considering the current workload.