Outstanding Faculty Advisory Service Award

This is an alternating award given every 3 years to a faculty member who has excelled in teaching, research, or advisory service.

This year's winner of the Outstanding Faculty Advisory Service Award is Dr. Rob Latour.Dr. Rob Latour

During his still relatively brief career at VIMS, Rob has achieved an extraordinarily high level of engagement in advisory service activities, and has embraced this role with an unparalleled level of vigor and enthusiasm.

Rob thrives in forums where scientific research informs policymaking, and has an innate talent for effectively communicating complex information to lay audiences. Further, he uses these advisory experiences to structure his own research program to address fisheries research needs within the Chesapeake Bay and Northwe st Atlantic.

During the past 10 years, Rob has served the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission on 5 committees, most notably as Chair of the Atlantic Menhaden Technical Committee, where he dealt with one of the most contentious and biologically challenging issues to ever come before the Commission. Rob also serves the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council on the Science and Statistical Committee, setting annual harvest quotas for species managed in federal waters.

Closer to home, Dr. Latour routinely offers advice to the VMRC and General Assembly on issues ranging from striped-bass disease to permitting for the King William Reservoir. Given his expertise on issues of local, regional, and national importance, Rob is truly deserving of this award.

Congratulations, Rob!