Research/Advisory Service

The Outstanding Employee awards are chosen by nominations received by the Awards Committee from all faculty, staff, and students at VIMS. They are awarded in the categories of Facilities/Safety/Trades, Research and Advisory Service, Technical Support, and Administrative Support.

The recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Employee in Research and Advisory Service is Mr. Tom Murray.

Tom Murray serves as the Associate Director for Advisory Services at VIMS, as well as the Associate Director of Extension for the Virginia Sea Grant Program.

Mr. Tom Murray.Tom is a trusted source for reliable economic and business information. Local government seeks his assistance with the complicated economic issues of coastal development and trades, most recently in regards to the City of Hampton’s boat-tax study. He was instrumental in establishing a marine trades training program at Rappahannock Community College, and his annual shellfish aquaculture situation and outlook survey is used extensively by the shellfish aquaculture industry, the banking community, and county government. 

As administrator for the Virginia Fishery Resource Grant Program, Tom provides guidance and oversight that benefits seafood processors, commercial watermen, and aquaculturists. Tom is also a champion of Clean Marina programs across the country and consistently supports and promotes their interaction.

Tom serves on the national review committee for the U.S. Dept. of Interior’s Boating Infrastructure Grant, or “BIG,” Program, assessing applications related to recreational-boating access. He earlier served on Virginia’s BIG committee, helping Virginia become one of the states that is most successful at acquiring BIG funding.

Tom plays an active role on the local and national level to enhance tourism, sustainable coastal development, and commercial and recreational fishing. These activities continue with the National Working Waterways and Waterfronts Initiative and his work with the National Sea Grant Sustainable Coastal Development Focus Team. On the local level, Tom represents VIMS on the Tidewater Resource and Conservation Development Council and is an honorary board member on the newly formed Virginia Marine Trades Association.

Last, but not least, Tom is well respected by his staff as a leader and manager. He leads by example and is always available to meet with his employees.

Congratulations, Tom!