2018 After Hours Lectures

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Living Shorelines

(January 25, 2018Do you spend time on our beaches? Live on the water? Living shorelines use strategic placement of plants, stone, and sand to reduce erosion and create habitats for birds and marine life. Join us as Karen Duhring with CCRM at VIMS describes different types of living shorelines that may be an option for the places you live and play. View archived video here.

Romance Under the Waves

(February 22, 2018In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Dr. Jeff Shields will enlighten us on the variety of ways marine animals reproduce. The passing on of genes is an all-consuming task in the animal world, and marine animals have fascinating ways to ensure their genetic legacy. How do stationary organisms like the barnacle mate? How do crabs find each other in the vast and dark deep sea? Find out the answers to these questions and more during this engaging and humorous talk. View archived video here.