Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Jim Gartland

Multispecies Surveys Leader

Email : [[jgartlan]]
Phone : (804) 684-7546
Office : Hall House 106
Department : Fisheries Science

  • B.S., University of Miami, 1999
  • M.S., College of William and Mary, 2002
Research Interests

My primary interest is in the development and execution of fishery-independent monitoring surveys so as to maximize the utility of these programs in the stock assessment and fishery management processes. Because a myriad of variables besides abundance influence survey catch data, one of my goals has been to try to identify these sources of variability, quantify their effect on the resulting data and assessment models, and mitigate their influence where possible. These efforts are meant to tighten the relationship between population abundance and survey catch data.  Further, in order to supply traditional single-species stock assessments and future multispecies assessments with requisite data, I have focused on developing production ageing protocols and quantifying trophic interactions for species of management interest through the use of survey-collected biological samples. 

Current Projects
  • Data collection and analysis in support of single and multispecies stock assessments in the mid-Atlantic & Southern New England: Northeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program Near Shore Trawl Survey, NEAMAP.  Funded by Mid Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, Research Set-Aside Program & Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation, Southern New England Collaborative Research Initiative.
  • Design and implementation of ChesMMAP - Chesapeake Bay Multispecies Monitoring and Assessment Program.  Funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Virginia Marine Resources Commission. 
  • VIMS Shark Research Program.  Funded by NOAA/NMFS.
  • Mapping and Characterizing Fish Habitat in Rhode Island and Block Island Sounds.  Funded by Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation, Southern New England Collaborative Research Initiative.
  • Establishment of an Ageing Center in Support of Fishery-Dependent Sampling in the Mid-Atlantic Bight & Southern New England.  Funded by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Collaborative / Interdisciplinary Efforts
  • Chair, ASMFC NEAMAP Operations Committee
  • Member, ASMFC Fishing Gear Technology Working Group
  • Member, ASMFC Bluefish Technical Committee
  • Member, ASMFC Management and Science Committee
  • Member – Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Bluefish Monitoring Committee