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Students and Cobia Tank
  • Ecology of Fishes (MSCI 672), spring at VIMS. Fish ecology as related to vertebrate evolution and diversity, systematics, feeding and reproductive biology, early life history ecology, and fish community structure and biotic interactions. 
  • Introduction to Marine Science (MSCI 330), spring at William & Mary. Everything you ever wanted to know about the oceans, and the functioning of Planet Earth!

Students from MSCI 300 explore the Seawater Research Lab and get some experience in the field


At the University of Hawaii, I taught:

  • Marine Biology Processes and Impacts (BIO 602)- Co-taught with Bob Bidigare. Comprehensive class covering broad aspects of marine biology. 
  • Global Environmental Change (OCN 310) - Co-taught with David Ho using a textbook written by Fred McKenzie. Comprehensive class covering the global environmental challenges faced by humanity and planet earth. Writing intensive with discussion sections. 
  • Organizer for Oceanography Seminar Series (OCN 780) during spring 2013.
  • Guest instructor in Ecology of Pelagic Marine Animals (Ocean 627),  and Marine Biology - Environments and Organisms (Bio 601).  

I have lectured in Fisheries Management, Ichthyology and Population Biology, Conservation Biology and Behavioral Ecology. In my teaching I try to provide a big picture context for students, before delving into the details. For instance, that ecology occurs within an evolutionary framework. I also encourage students to understand the history of scientific advances in a field, so they can appreciate where our present knowledge came from. If you understand that knowledge is not static, but always developing, then you may understand that you can contribute to it. 

 students on the beachstudents in the field