Lab Director

Dr. Weng
Kevin Weng - Assistant Professor
Phone: (804) 684-7372
Ph.D., Stanford University
MSc, University of Hawaii at Manoa
BA, Williams College

Current Students ||  SharkDuino || Lab Alumni

Current Students

Dan Crear People photo Dan Crear - Ph.D. Student (VIMS)
Ecophysiology of cobia and sandbar sharks
Forecasting cobia migration to inform management
Stephen Sherrer Stephen Scherrer - Ph.D. student (UH)
Spatial ecology of deepwater snappers
Lauren Averilla

Lauren Averilla, undergraduate (W&M)
Cobia ventilation effort under varying environmental conditions
Captive animal care

Sara M

Sara Meakem, undergraduate (W&M)
Cobia Tagging and Captive animal care

Scott Kilmer Lab Photo

Scott Kilmer, undergraduate(W&M)

Cobia Tagging and Animal Care


Ben Powell, undergraduate (W&M)
SharkDuino tag development - software

Dara Kharabi

Dara Kharabi, undergraduate (W&M)
SharkDuino tag development - coding and analysis
William Laney William Laney, undergraduate (W&M)
SharkDuino tag development - hardware and engineering
Abby B Abby Bilenkin
Jina Nam
Hanqiu Peng Hanqiu Peng


Lab Alumni
Eunjung Kim Eunjung Kim - PhD
co-advised with Dr John Sibert
Effects of fish aggregating devices on the movements of tunas
Martin Pedersen

Dr. Martin Pedersen - Postdoctoral Scholar
Spatial ecology and geolocation of marine vertebrates
Tim Sippel Dr. Tim Sippel - Postdoctoral Scholar 2010-11
Biology of pelagic fishes
Current role: Scientist at NOAA-SWFSC, La Jolla, CA, USA
Christina Comfort

Christina Comfort - MSc 2012
Biology of deep water sharks
Now working with the SOEST SWAC Team
studying environmental impacts of alternative energy

Gadea Perez-Andujo Gadea Perez-Andujar - MSc 2014
Now working at the Hawaii Nature Center
Gen Del Raye

Gen Del Raye - PhD  2017
Climate change impacts on fishes
Now at San Francisco State University MFA program
Andrew Gray Andrew Gray - MSc 2016
Reproductive biology and residence time of seamount fishes
Now working at NOAA Pacific Islands Fishery Science Center
Danielle Garcia

Danielle Garcia - BSc
Presently working with 
Professor Kathy Dickson at CSU Fullerton


Chase Roberts

Chase Roberts - BS
Stuart Jones Stuart Jones, undergraduate (W&M)
Artificial reefs and invasive species research
Cobia tagging and captive care
Eric Alpert Eric Alpert, undergraduate (W&M)
Temporal changes in cobia size and habitat usage in the Chesapeake Bay
Development of protocol to measure heart rates of sharks using implanted tags
Cobia tagging and captive animal care

Gurubandaa Khalsa undergraduate (W&M)

Cobia Tagging and Captive animal care

Duncan Campbell

Ducan Campbell

Animal Husbandry